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Welcome to the Cave of Monsters website, a place dedicated to the Bubble Bobble universe by Taito Games. This website used to exist six years ago under different ownership before being closed down. Recently, we have taken over the reighns and aim to bring the Cave of Monsters back to its former glory. (Which wasn't much, but hey, we're going to fix that!) The Cave of Monsters will serve as the ultimate place of information for anything related to Bubble Bobble and its related games and spinoffs.
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Bubble Land is a mysterious place, a part of a dimension known as Rainbow World, filled with magick and witchery, mystery and wonder. Experiencing the magick of Rainbow World and Bubble Land is hard to explain, but it is best described as returning to a nursery as a baby, unyet keeping the realities and dangers of the adult realms. The Bubble Bobble Universe, the universe in which Bubble Land and Rainbow World exists spans across planets in space, and inhabitants of these planets can travel through space meeting each other, whether on quests or other adventures. If you never experienced these games as a child, you may not access that magick that is so potent. But nothing is certain.

So then... this is the beginning of a fantastic journey for you. Let's take a trip, to the Cave of Monsters!

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The Videogame Cemetery

Webmaster, Owner, Bubble Bubble Expert.
The Videogame Cemetery (VGCtm) is a Youtube videogame review channel dedicated to retro videogames. Expert in certain games and retro titles, especially Bubble Bobble and its spinoff titles.


Super Puzzle Bobble Expert, GIF Maker.
Spacey is an expert in the "Super" games of the Puzzle Bobble series, and contributes animated GIF images and information on games plus also contributes to the website as a whole, be it with ideas or formats.


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This website is not affiliated or endorsed by Taito in any way, though we do wish to thank them for contacting the original Cave of Monsters with information regarding Puzzle Bobble 2 and the long-lost names of the characters in that game roughly six years ago.